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December 11, 2022

Mynew RPD, PharmD, BCPS

Residency Director

Scottsdale Road Hospital Center

1112 E University Drive

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Dear Dr. Mynew RPD,

THESIS: In working to build a foundation for residency next year, I have developed my 1) clinical skills, 2) research, 3) teaching, 4) leadership and 5) service. [pick your strongest 3 to 4] I feel strongly that my experiences match well to your required and elective residency rotations. I want to continue this journey in the Scottsdale Road Hospital Center PGY1 Residency Program [capitalize if a proper noun, not if PGY1 residency program, generically]. In this letter, I hope to further outline my qualifications. My career goal is to become a board-certified clinical pharmacist in pharmacotherapy earning my BCPS.

EVIDENCE 1) I have completed clinical rotations in . . . that I believe match well with your required rotations in . . . One patient experience that I felt was particularly telling was when I . . . I know the rotations your residency offers will help me build on that experience in the . . . Early in my clinical experience, I struggled with. . . but I was able to leverage that experience by . . . I’m interested in your elective experiences in . . . to become more knowledgeable about . . . and further my experience in . . .

EVIDENCE 2) I worked with Dr. . . .  on a project regarding . . . that I presented at the ASHP national meeting. This year-long project showed. . . and I believe it will impact practice . . . My own research includes a focus on . . . and I have presented this . . . I feel confident in my ability to conduct and present research in a residency project and look forward to engaging in one in the next year.  

EVIDENCE 3) I began by mentoring my classmates and tutoring undergraduate courses in . . . In my APPE experience, I was able to stand in front of the classroom in . . . class building course materials, engaging with students, and learning how they learned. While I only had five weeks teaching, I was able to build a teaching philosophy that I feel will help me mentor fourth year pharmacy students in your teaching certificate program. I hope to continue impacting students with your relationship with . . . COP.

EVIDENCE 4) Early in pharmacy school, I joined several organizations. However, in my second year I grew into a leadership role as . . . organization’s . . . role. I am very focused on . . . and was able to work with my fellow students to . . . I am not only proud of our collaboration, but the impact and outcomes we had on patients and the community such as . . . I hope to have an opportunity as . . in your residency.

EVIDENCE 5) To serve my community I . . . Growing up I . . . so my background includes a deep connection to . . . and I took the opportunity to . . . in wanting to serve this group. I know I have grown in empathy and experience and am regularly helping with . . . at your residency site I hope to . . .

CALL TO ACTION: I believe my [the 3 to 4 you used] skills are foundational for succeeding as a resident. I hope to build further on my experience at the Scottsdale Road Hospital Center and would love to meet with you to talk more . . . I would welcome a face-to-face interview . . . Thank you.


Tony Guerra, PharmD Candidate 2022

Pharmacy Residency Letter 2022.pdf
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