LOI Template and Video

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This is a Video That Goes Through a General Letter of Intent with a Word Doc, PDF, and Full Text Below. 

Letter of Intent General Template.pdf

Tony Guerra

2006 S Ankeny Blvd Building 24 Room 304

Ankeny, IA 50023,-3993

[email protected]

December 31, 2018


Better SpellItRight, MBA, PharmD, PhD

Residency Director

Potomac River Hospital Center

900 River Road

Potomac, MD 20854


Dear Dr. SpellItRight,

THESIS: Over the last four years, I have developed my 1) clinical skills, 2) community service, 3) leadership, 4) research and 5) teaching at a high level. I hope to continue my development at the Potomac River Hospital Center PGY1 Residency Program (capitalize if a proper noun, not if PGY1 residency program, generically). I will briefly detail a few of the most impactful experiences in the hopes that we might find if we are a good fit for each other and that your site might be a place where I can serve next year. 

EVIDENCE: 1) Clinically, I have worked side-by-side with. . . a patient experience that was particularly meaningful to me was . . . because I am interested in. A second impactful experience was . . . I struggled with this difficulty . . . and in overcoming it I learned. I’m particularly interested in your elective experiences in . . . because they will allow me to further grow in . . . this specialty.

2) I value service to my community, As someone who came from a . . . background, I am particularly interested in helping . . . My first opportunity was in this role . . .then I grew from that and began leading this organization . . . now I’m regularly helping with . . . at you residency site I hope to . . .

3) Early in my pharmacy school experience I participated in . . . decided to take a leadership role in . . . because I’m passionate about . . . as the officer I worked with the team to accomplish . . . while I’m most proud of . . . I hope to have the opportunity to . . . in your residency.

4) Presenting at the ASHP national meeting was the culmination of a year-long research project where we . . . then found that . . . had to change this approach, but I feel confident in my ability to further my own research in. . . which aligns with your residency focus in . . . and . . .

5) I began by tutoring one-on-one, but also enjoyed mentoring through the . . . one of my APPE experiences included teaching in the classroom . . . I felt I impacted students by . . . I hope to continue this impact because of your relationship with . . . COP.

CALL TO ACTION: My clinical, service, leadership, research and teaching experiences help me build a groundwork for the work to come next year. I hope to continue this work at the Potomac River Hospital Center PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Program and that we might continue this conversation in a face-to-face interview. I very much welcome any questions and certainly appreciate your time in reviewing my candidacy.


Tony Guerra

PharmD Candidate 2021, Potomac River College of Pharmacy

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