Clinical Position Cover Letter Template and Video

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Ima Pharmacist

5600 Coastal Highway

Ocean City, MD 21842

April 10th, 2020 


Dr. Youra Director

Inpatient Pharmacy Director

Potomac River Hospital System

1000 River Road

Potomac, MD 20854


Dear Dr. Director,


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Introductory Paragraph

I am moving to Maryland and feel that my two years of experience as a hospital intern along with my clinical focus in my PGY-1 hospital residency in Northern Virginia provided me with an excellent background in clinical hospital work. I am looking to specifically apply to the overnight position at Potomac River Hospital System where I can serve as a resource. I understand you use ______ EHR and I have used that system prior. In this letter, I hope to outline my qualifications in working with others in teamwork, accountability, patient safety, professional development, and departmental economic considerations.

Insert Teamwork Evidence Here:

As a teammate in pharmacy school and in residency, I feel I had roles as both a leader and someone easy to lead. As a leader I took on roles in . . . I fostered teamwork through projects in . . . . One leadership agenda was . . . I supported my teammate by going the extra mile in . . .

Insert Accountability Evidence Here:

In my on-call responsibilities throughout the year, I developed an exceptional ability to work autonomously. While I answered every call promptly, sometimes I had to lean on other team members . . . I built relationships with the nursing staff . . . I had multiple competing calls, but was able to handle them by . . .

Insert Patient Safety Evidence Here:

While I actually did research in patient safety during residency, I found that putting _____ process in place made a difference . . . When we had _____ adversity, the team came together to put ____ process in place and followed up with the _____ team.

Insert Professional Development Evidence Here:

While the PGY-1 Residency has been an excellent tool in my development as a clinician, my focus was on continued growth. I currently read . . .and participate in the annual . . . to keep up to date. I also have had the chance to educate ______ group and the feedback has been good.

Insert Health Economics Considerations Here:

A rise in ____ medication really threatened our budget. We were able to work with our team to substitute _____ alternative. In addition, we saw a steep drop in revenue during the recent crises and I was part of the team working on ______ ways to adjust our budget to the current economic climate.

Closing Paragraph:

I believe my work experience along with my focus on teamwork, accountability, patient safety, professional development, and health economics considerations can allow me to serve the Potomac River Hospital at a very high level. I hope to be a part of your team in weathering these challenging times. Thank you for considering my application.



Ima Pharmacist, Pharm.D.

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