CV 2 - Overall Tips

Everyone's CV looks different. Yours should be unique and speak to your experiences.


  • Include every positive thing
  • Put the content in each section in reverse chronological order. AKA put the most recent at the top
  • Have multiple people edit it
  • Use consistent formatting throughout. Ex. every APPE should have the same number of bullet points describing activities
  • Use consistent verbiage throughout. Ex. start each bullet point with a verb, each verb should be in the same tense
  • Use an easy to read font in 11-12pt font


  • Include stuff from before pharmacy school. Exceptions include education and anything unique (ex. awards, offices held)
  • Have any typos or grammatical errors
  • Include a photo
  • Have a lot of white space
  • Use acronyms. Make sure to write it out the first time.