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The key with residency clinical cases is to focus on high-yielding fruit. No one will be too penalized if they don't know 100% of the clinical details. But they should have a decent familiarity with the major areas. More than anything, the purpose of the clinical case is to assess your clinical reasoning skills. Really talk through your thought process. If your reasoning is sound, you'll be "successful" in the case (even if you technically make the "wrong" recommendation). [Note: Also review Asthma/COPD/Sepsis]

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Antibiotics (because ID is all over the place and you need a general understanding):

Anticoagulation :


Cholesterol Statins:

Cholesterol PCSK9:

Diabetes - Building a Regimen Part 1 - Insulin :

Diabetes - Building a Regimen Part 2:

Diabetes - Oral Meds:




Warfarin (the more you know, the better):

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